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February 2, 2021

Study in Malaysia

Malaysia has a unique combination of modern architecture with the rich culture and gorgeous scenery. Malaysia attracts tourists from all over the world. Their locations make it a perfect destination for any international students, for new experience related their study. There educational institutes are counted with the top 200 countries in the world. The best part of it international students around from global included Pakistan. Presently, More than 100,000 overseas students study in Malaysia. It’s considered a great place for higher studies, because they also offer you international degrees from US, UK, Australia and other countries at lesser costs. Many American and British Universities also have sub-campuses in Malaysia. But there fees structure are much affordable than study in these countries. First, these universities approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.

The system and structure of education is under country of Higher Education Ministry. Individual person who availed the Degree also take their Certificate and Diploma undergraduate or graduate courses.


There are some best reasons to choose world class Education in Malaysia

  • The one of the main reason to study in Malaysia is ‘Affordability’. Their less education expensive as compare to other countries.
  • Malaysian Universities improving rapidly in education.
  • Some of the top ranks Universities are located in Malaysia; also they offered different degree programs in Bachelors’, Masters and PhD.
  • The official language of Malaysia is Bahasa Melayu Malaysia, but the country also recognized by English language. Most of the programs offer English language; both private and public sectors.
  • In order to study in Malaysia you will need to apply for Student Pass which acts as visa. This can apply online before your arrival.
  • Malaysia is ranked 3rd most peace-full country in Global Peace Index 2018. It boasts being one of the South Asia most vibrant economics in industrial and political stability
  • Malaysia is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. The country is the home of estimated 20 % of the world wide Animal Species as well as four UNESO world heritage sites.
  • Malaysia is also known as a Diverse and Multi Cultural Society, with their unique Language and also their culture heritage.
  • As one of the global leaders in engineering and manufacturing companies in these industries. Malaysians industry leaders and attract clients from worldwide.
  • There are many job opportunity available for their international students. They work part time or in a semester break.


University in Malaysia course Education System:

The Malaysians institute governed by two ministries at different level:

      At- Pre Level

  • Government and Private sector Kindergartens follow National

Pre – Schools Curriculum

  • Government Schools follow the Malaysian National Curriculum and National examination.
  • Governments aided Schools Follow the Malaysian National Curriculum and National examination.
  • Private Schools – Follow the Malaysian National Curriculum and National examination.


        At High Level

  • Government Funded only Public University and Colleges.
  • Private all Institute are not funded by Government.


Work Permits for Students:

International Students work part time during their studies.  Only in Summer Break their work maximum 20 hours per day for more than seven days. But, some specific place you work like restaurant, petrol pump and hotels.

On the Side, You’re not permitted to work as a cashiers, musicians, GRO and singers.



Buses, taxis and train system are available and providing easy access from all the cities like Kuala Lumpur and other cities in Malaysia.


Degree Programs:

There are many course offers in Malaysia in different university 3 years duration.

  • Bsc – Computer Science & IT
  • BA – Business Studies
  • BA – Accounting & Finance
  • BSc – Business IT
  • BEng – Civil Engineering
  • BA – Graphic Design
  • BA – Fashion Design
  • BA- Product Design
  • BEng – Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc – Construction Management
  • BA – Photography
  • BA – Graphic designing – With Animation
  • BA – Graphic designing – With Illustration

Master Degree Programs:

  • Msc – Civil Engineering
  • Msc – Mobile Communication
  • Msc – Computer Engineering
  • Msc – Business IT

Tuitions Fees:

  • Annual Tuition Fees: USD 5,000
  • Annual Living Cost: USD 4,000
  • Total Education Cost: USD 9,000

Scholarships in Malaysia

The Malaysian Governments offers the following Scholarships in Malaysia for International Students:

  • MTCP Scholarship
  • MIS Scholarships for undergraduate studies
  • MIS  Scholarship for postgraduate studies





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