Get the opportunity for higher education in Malaysia

Get the opportunity for higher education in Malaysia at the top-best universities. Enroll in the free face-to-face counseling session and visit the  Info Day  to meet our expert counselors at Malaysian Higher Education Info Day 2023 to get help finding better options.

Why Study in Malaysia?

Malaysia is among the top-ranked safest countries with its welcoming and enchanting Culture. Malaysia has become the biggest destination for higher education in the world and has allowed students to get the opportunity anywhere around the globe. You can become part of a rich and diverse culture that reflects in its people, architecture, festivals, language, and food. Studying in Malaysia is about getting yourself engaged in their immersed Malaysian Culture. You can quickly get the opportunity for higher education in Malaysia at affordability by enrolling in our free event counseling educational  Info Day 2023.

Higher Education Global Ranking

Malaysia holds an attraction for students to get higher education through one of the top-ranked universities. You can have the opportunity to get a higher international education from Malaysia’s best-ranking universities and build a successful career.

Studying Internationally at an affordable cost

International education has now become the biggest attraction for students with the ease that Malaysia is offering foreign education at affordable costs and fees. From living to paying the fees for education is possibly the lowest cost on your student pocket.

Multi Culture and No language barriers

There are no language barriers in Malaysia, and people are very welcoming to foreigners regardless of your race, ethnicity, or religion. Malaysia is well-known for its multicultural society, which helps you acquire new skills and study without hesitation.

Study Abroad with TJS Studysteps and Build your career

Explore different opportunities in the biggest Educational  Info Day 2023

TJS Studysteps has been giving supporting hands to foreign students for higher international education and choosing a successful career path. At the Malaysian Higher Education Info Day 2023, you can meet our expert counselors to get free counseling sessions and find the interest base educational opportunity at top universities in Malaysia. You can get a scholarship based on open merit, and also you can get free tickets and accommodation to facilitate your education journey.

Enroll yourself in face-to-face free counseling sessions so you can find and get a scholarship for Malaysia’s ideal university for your career based on your interest. Avail the opportunity now, and limited slots are left!

Top-Ranked Participating Universities

Enroll now and visit the Malaysian Higher Education Info Day 2023 to meet the best Malaysian universities and foreign education representatives.

What else can you expect from
Malaysian Higher Education Info Day 2023

Discover and find more exciting ways to get support for your education by attending Malaysian Higher Education Info Day 2023.

Explore 1000+ Programs

By attending the Malaysian Higher Education Info Day 2023, you can find many great opportunities to choose the best program for education.

Planning a successful career path

International education has increased the global demand for choosing the best and most successful career path.

Submit your application for free

While visiting the Malaysian Higher Education Info Day 2023, you can only submit your application for free to the top best-selected universities.

Discover more Scholarship opportunities.

Attending the Malaysian Higher Education Info Day 2023 can increase your chances of finding better opportunities for pursuing your foreign education dream

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