Privacy Policy

We are committed to fulfilling your expectations and will agree to all applicable privacy and data protection legislation according to your personal data and sensitive information

This privacy policy is intended to inform you about why we gather data, how we gather data, how we protect your data and other information provided by you when using our website or relying on our services. Please read the privacy policy carefully.

Here’s a summary of how we secure your privacy:
  1. We only gather information on what we need to help you with your international university admission process or provide you with information that you ask for, customizing it to your interests.
  2. We won’t keep your additional data. If we don’t need it, and you don’t want us to keep it so we will erase it from data sources.
  3. We want you to comprehend all that we do with your data, so we’ll try our best to explain you.
  4. We do not circulate your data to third parties for marketing purposes without notifying you.
  5. The rest of this policy provides you with more detail about our privacy and personal information handling practices.
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